Cars You Can Take For Road Trip

August 23, 2019 Off By Vicki Carpenter

Do you want to feel the sensation of a vacation that is guaranteed to be unique and different? If so, a road trip vacation might be a very suitable choice for you to consider. That way, your vacation experience will also be guaranteed to be fun and hard to forget! Don’t forget another one, bring a reliable car to make your trip more comfortable. And when you plan a road trip vacation, don’t forget rent a car in 24 hour rental with thorough considerations.

Rent for more convenient trip

Having a road trip where you will spend most of the vacation on the road, even sleeping in the car and not at the inn requires you to bring a reliable car that is able to deal with various road conditions. So, what are the types of reliable cars that you can use during a road trip? Car rental is a solution for a pleasant vacation. With the car as a private vehicle you can get around as you like. You also will not chase time because you alone determine when to come and go home. Car rental is indeed a comfortable step to take a vacation and enjoy the road and the sights.

Types of car you can choose

As we have said before, to have a maximum joy in road trip, you have to be thorough in choosing the best car for it. Here, we have two best cars for a road trip.

  • Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard is a large premium MPV from Toyota that was originally intended for the Japanese domestic market. But now you are also present in several countries, including Indonesia. This car is equipped with a luxurious entertainment system with touch screen, DVD player and navigation. This super large MPV with spacious and flexible seat arrangements makes the room more flexible for each passenger. There are also 7 airbags that ensure safety by resisting impacts from the side and front. There is also a special seat section for babies from the age of 15 months. The price per unit reaches one billion rupiah.

  • Mercedes V Class

This car is a MPV car from Mercedes with a 7-seat capacity. It has a 57 liter fuel tank capacity. This car has a practical and elegant design as well as quality interior design and made from premium quality. What’s interesting is the completeness of the cool box to store drinks. When traveling at night there will be lighting that gives a calming atmosphere. This car is also equipped with an innovative multimedia and navigation system. Has a large dimension suitable for any transport. For colors available in 11 different colors. The car has large sliding doors on both sides.

There are lot of types of cars you can choose in 24 hour rental, but both Mercedes V Class and Toyota Alphard are the most reliable cars you can take for road trip and that can fit everything including comfort, size and also performance. Don’t worry about those things because those cars are indeed designed to get maximum comfort in any kind of road and destination.