Australia’s Special. Places You Shouldn’t Miss

August 16, 2019 Off By Vicki Carpenter

Australian most famous sights, which can be travelled by car using Firefly car rental in Sydney, will help make a general impression of the unusual world of this continent:

The Sydney Opera House

Undoubted facts about Australia, which speak of its uniqueness and play a straightforward role in attracting tourists, relate to unusual monuments of nature and art. The main object of man-made art, recognizable on a par with the Eiffel Tower in Paris, is the Sydney Opera House. In this city, tourists from all over the world gather to look at the visiting card of Australia and personally enjoy the image of white sails frozen in the open spaces of the bay. It is practical to start your trip in this city with a car rented at Hertz domestic airport Sydney. Let us go further.

  • Harbor Bridge

This is the main Sydney Bridge with a length of almost 1150 meters. Locals call it ‘a hanger’, and the whole world with admiration gives it second place among the largest arched bridges on the planet.

  • Blue Mountains

This is a picturesque National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The peaks of the mountain range, covered with tropical thickets of huge blue eucalyptus trees and tree ferns, are shrouded in blue haze created by the refraction of sunlight in drops of eucalyptus oil secreted by plants.

  • The Pinnacles Desert

It attracts travelers from all over the world with mystical landscapes, an unusual creation of natural fantasy.

  • The rain forests of Tasmania

They are usually called ‘the lungs of the planet’. This is a vast expanse of pristine evergreen forests, which have preserved the primordial appearance of ancient millennia.

  • Hillier Lake

It is filled with bright pink waters and surrounded by a white strip of salt and green eucalyptus thickets.

  • Fort Denison

This is a Sydney’s historical heritage, fortifications reminiscent of the city’s heroic past.

  • Mount Uluru

It is an ancient sacred place covered with legends, which has an amazing ability to change color during the day. This happens thanks to the red sandstone that is part of it.

  • The Great Barrier Reef

Other living organisms – corals, created it. In addition to being the first place of honor in the list of the largest coral reefs, it has clear water, the most beautiful shells and landscaped area. Here, nature itself has created excellent conditions for fans of scuba diving and surfing.

The luminous Gippsland Lakes

This is a favorite place for tourists, as its waters have a magical ability to glow at night with a blue neon flame.